Taunton Christadelphians

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Baptised members meet to take bread and wine in memory of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus


A talk covering essential Bible topics including foundation teachings, life issues and evidence of the Bible in the news

WEDNESDAY 11am or 7.30pm … BIBLE CLASS

An informal weekly study on Biblical topics

FRIDAY 11-12md … (First Friday of the Month) … COFFEE MORNING

All welcome for coffee and a chat. 

The knitters may be clicking away making blankets for charities and some months there may be a sale for various charities.

... in October
Wednesday 16th at 11am
Bible Class
DVD : 'When I was a Child' (3)
Sunday 20th at 6.15pm
Bible Talk
Humanism and Christianity
Wedneday 23rd at 11am
Bible Class
Corinthians 'Death is Swallowed Up in Victory'
Sunday 27th at 6.15pm
Bible Talk 
Darwin, the Honey Bee and the Bible
Wednesday 30th at 7.30pm
Members Only
Ecclesial Business Meeting
..... in November
Friday 1st at 11am
Coffee Morning 
Coffee and Chat
Sunday 3rd at 6.15pm
Bible Talk
No Peace for the Middle East
Wednesday 6th at 11am
Bible Class
Sunday 10th at 6.15pm
Bible Talk
Are you a Christian? 
Wednesday 13th at 11am
Bible Class
Read and Diiscuss Book 'Samson Revisited'
Sunday 17th at 6.15pm
Bible Talk 
The Bible Proved True in the Book of Acts
Wednesday 20th at 11am
Bible Class
Sunday 24th at 6.15pm
Bible Talk
Parables of the Last Days
Wednesday 27th at 11am
Bible Class 
Read and Discuss Book 'Samson Revisited'