Taunton Christadelphians

what's on...


Baptised members meet to take bread and wine in memory of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus


A talk covering essential Bible topics including foundation teachings, life issues and evidence of the Bible in the news

WEDNESDAY 11am or 7.30pm … BIBLE CLASS

An informal weekly study on Biblical topics

FRIDAY 11-12md … (First Friday of the Month) … COFFEE MORNING

All welcome for coffee and a chat. 

The knitters may be clicking away making blankets for charities and some months there may be a sale for various charities.

... in August
Sunday 25th at 6.15pm
Bible Talk
Why do we Exist? 
Wednesday 28th at 7.30pm
Bible Class
Jeremiah's Message for the Last Generation
... in September
Sunday 1st at 6.15pm
 Bible Talk
Is Meekness a Weakness? 
 Wednesday 4th at 11am
 Bible Class
Discussion on the Daily Bible Readings
 Friday 6th at 11am
 Coffee Morning
Coffee and Chat with DVD
 Sunday 8th at 6.15pm
 Bible Talk
Current Events and the Bible
 Wednesday 11th at 11am
 Bible Class
DVD 'David Shepherding Israel' 
 Sunday 15th at 6.15pm
 Bible Talk
The Devil and Satan in the Old Testament
 Wednesday 18th at 11am
 Bible Class
Discussion on the Daily Bible Readings
 Sunday 22nd at 6.15pm 
 Bible Talk 
When Will the World End?
 Wednesday 25th at 7.30pm
 Bible Class
Bible Principles : God-manifestation
 Sunday 29th at 6.15pm
 Bible Talk 
Washing Away Your Past Life