Taunton Christadelphians

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SUNDAY 11am in the Hall and on Zoom  … BREAKING OF BREAD

Baptised members meet to take bread and wine in memory of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus

TUESDAY 7.30pm on Zoom ... BOOK READING

We have a small book reading group and enjoy Bible discussion of the subject

Currently reading 'May you know it to be true' ... Exhortations by Dennis Gillett


A Bible Readings Group where we join with Yeovil Christadelphians to discuss the readings that day ...  the daily calendar can be found HERE

WEDNESDAY 7.30pm on Zoom … BIBLE CLASS (alternate weeks)

An informal weekly study on Biblical topics

You are welcome to join us for Bible discussion

Please use the contact page or answerphone to request the Zoom link for any of these activities - we would love to see you
...in December
Sunday 4th at 11am
Breaking of Bread
Bro Tim Williams (Hall and Zoom)
Tuesday 6th at 7.30pm 
Book Reading 
May you Know it to be True (Ch 16) 
Wednesday 7th at 11am
Daily Bible Readings 
Wednesday 7th at 7.30pm 
Bible Class
Bro John Greenwood ... Poetry in the Book of Job 
Sunday 11th at 11am
Breaking of Bread
Bro Steve Jenkins (Hall and Zoom) 
Tuesday 13th at 7.30pm 
Book Reading
May you Know it to be True (Ch 17) 
Wednesday 14th at 11am 
Daily Bible Readings 
Sunday 18th at 11am 
Breaking of Bread 
Bro Mike Barnes (Hall and Zoom) 
Tuesday 20th at 7.30om 
Book Reading
May  you Know it to be True (Ch 22)
Wednesday 21st at 11am 
Daily Bible Readings
Wednesday 21st at 7.30pm 
Bible Class 
Bro Paul Rushforth ... 'Endings - Revelation' 
Sunday 25th at 11am  
Breaking of Bread 
Bro Daniel Tarrant