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Daily Bible Readings


Every day join us in two readings from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament.

In one complete year the whole Bible will have been read

This is Your Bible


The ideal place to learn more about the Bible, develop your Bible study skills, access courses, information and much more


This website is dedicated to explaining the basics of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are both online presentations and also detailed explanations in graphical form.
Bible Quizzes

Test your Bible Knowledge on many subjects

Glad Tidings Magazine


A monthly magazine 'Glad Tidings of the Kingdom of God', which can be posted or read online, discussing topical issues and Bible principles

Christadelphian Pamphlets


Pamphlets on many subjects explaining the Christadelphian faith

Bible Companion app for Google or Apple


Daily Bible Readings in the New European Version with free access to many other Bible resources

The Virtual Bible Exhibition


However you look at it, the Bible is an extraordinary book. Whether you believe it is the Word of God or not, this book is unique. The Bible Exhibition will attempt to show you this book’s place in history and how it has survived; how it accurately describes past and future events; and what this unique book’s message is. 

Literature and study courses in Farsi